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Free Webinar: Veterinarian Triage Technicians Advancing Patient Care & Capacity | Suveto

February 23 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

With no end to the veterinarian shortage and increased demand for services in sight, the future of veterinary care delivery lies in the advanced utilization of veterinary technicians and skilled professionals. This presentation focuses on improving patient care and capacity through technician-run triage programs. Karen will share her experiences implementing a triage program and provide participants with tools and action items to reframe hospital staffing and workflow to move towards a more sustainable system. 

Speaker: Karen Hart, CVPM
Karen Hart, CVPM, manages a hybrid general practice and emergency hospital in northern Vermont. With a degree in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she believes in the power of data and analytics to shape systems that support culture and sustainability in veterinary practices. Karen is passionate about finding creative solutions to build the future of veterinary medicine, focusing on advancing veterinary technicians and paraprofessionals. She serves on the board of the Vermont Veterinary Technicians Association, where she is working towards licensing and title protection while emphasizing the need for accessible education programs. 

Cost: Free


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