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A better veterinary future starts here. With you.

We know the next generation of veterinary professionals is eager for mentorship, experiential learning, networking, growth, diversity, and opportunity. Our multi-avenue opportunities will benefit future generations of veterinarians and solidify a positive future for the profession.

We believe for the better well-being of our pets, clients, teams, veterinarians, and even the industry, we need to work together. Through shared resources, shared knowledge, and shared experiences we can empower all veterinary professionals.


Student Hospital Immersion Program (SHIP) is a paid, 10-week experience for 2nd and 3rd-year vet students who are interested in business and practice ownership. From hands-on experience in the hospital to dedicated time for learning and development, you’ll get it all in this immersive program!

Business Fellowship

For new grads, Harbor.vet offers an industry-first, Veterinary Business Fellowship called Graduation to Ownership (GO).  Kickstart your career with this two-year fellowship infused with mastering clinic skills, developing ownership acumen, building on personal and professional development, navigating well-being life skills, and more!

On-Campus Meetups

With Harbor Business Experience, you can be a part of the wave of students and veterinary professionals learning key business fundamentals as they progress in their careers in veterinary medicine.

On-Campus Liaison

Being a student Envoy is more than just representing Harbor.vet on campus. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to learn and grow in your understanding of business fundamentals alongside a community of future veterinary leaders. 

Inspired students make inspiring vets.

Our innovative externship programs focus on building your core competencies in clinical medicine, surgical confidence, communication training, and leadership development. The Suveto EXTERNship Experience is designed to create a unique learning opportunity for 3rd and 4th-year Veterinary students seeking real mentorship with hands-on clinical training at one of our 65 vet-led hospitals.

Join our high impact veterinary experience (HIVE)

Our new grad HIVE is an all-new experiential learning opportunity designed to mentor veterinarians in their first year of practice at a Suveto Network Hospital. Led by Heather Loenser, DVM, enjoy interactive learning sessions with subject matter experts and be mentored by your peers and colleagues. Learn and grow with your community and venture into your careers as veterinarians together.

Dr. Heather Loenser

Chief Veterinary Officer


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