We turn opportunity into ownership.

Own the value you create. We believe that everything you do makes everything we do together that much better. That’s why every doctor in our network of hospitals gets ownership-level benefits with no cost to buy in: Because your time and contributions matter.

We're committed to your veterinary future.


You are empowered to act as an owner to visualize and achieve your personal and professional goals. If you’re looking for more, we have an ownership track to have a practice of your very own.


VSOP® provides ownership benefits to you with no cost to buy in. We believe that the time and dedication you invest in the hospital is your best contribution.


We are committed to supporting your pursuit of professional happiness. We have experiences and resources to support your mental, physical, and financial well-being. Our EAP offer counseling, legal consults, and a 24 hour crisis line.

What is VSOP® ?

At Suveto, we believe that veterinary professionals leading our profession isn’t such a crazy idea. The Suveto Hospital Network is a community of like-minded hospitals committed to keeping veterinary professionals in positions where they can have ownership over their careers and the way they practice. Because of that, every member of the Suveto Hospital Network is an owner of the network through our Veterinary Stock Ownership Plan, or VSOP.

Be an owner without being on your own.

Our four-phase process is designed to create a seamless start-up experience for a new veterinary owner.   

Our program pairs education, mentorship, support services with an investment to create a turn-key practice ownership opportunity. Once the practice is open, our team is there to help our new veterinary owner at every step of their ownership journey with us.

Share in the value
you help create.


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