Legacy Owners

Be an owner without being on your own.

If you are looking to transition out of traditional private practice ownership, Suveto is the innovative way to receive full value for your hospital, while offering ownership to your team. As a Suveto Legacy Owner, you will be able to enjoy the financial success of your hospital with the opportunity to invest in Suveto.

How do I know if my hospital is ready to join suveto?

You’re ready for a new journey and care deeply about the future of the veterinary industry. You know traditional private practice no longer fits your needs, and selling your hospital to a traditional corporate group is not an option. You believe that hospital decisions should be continued to be owned by veterinarians and you want to offer ownership opportunities to your team. 

You’re looking for a partner and a community of like-minded practice owners working together to shape the future of our industry.

Suveto Hospital Network

 is not corporate ownership, nor private practice, but enjoys the best parts and benefits of both.

Business management support
Day-to-day operational burdens can be the biggest stressor for an owner. Our support team handles the time-consuming business details, this will allow you to focus on hospital well-being and the best patient care.

Growth opportunities
Our programs include expansion opportunities, mentorship, and leadership training. We will empower you and your team to take ownership of your hospital’s growth.

Lasting legacy
We believe each hospital is unique and has a distinct personality. We honor this individuality and work to retain what makes your hospital great.

Do what you do best, we do the rest

With our supportive services, your team can enjoy ownership benefits and the ability to make medical decisions without the burden of day-to-day operations.

Marketing & Business Analytics

HR & Culture Development

Payroll & Benefits Management

IT Support

Financial Reporting & Accounting

Recruiting & Career Development

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