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Getting help for any kind of mental health or domestic issue can feel overwhelming. Reaching out can be intimidating, and often it can feel tough to justify that what you’re going through is “serious enough” to reach out.

No matter what issue you’re facing, there is a free, confidential service that can help. Most are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

NOMV provides the necessary support to all members of veterinary teams and students who are struggling or considering suicide.

National Talk-Lines (24/7)

If you feel like you or someone you know is in immediate danger, you should call 911 (or your country’s local emergency line) or go to an emergency room to get immediate help.

National Text/Chat Services

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The Veterinary Hope Foundation (VHF)

The Veterinary Hope Foundation (VHF) offers free, confidential online Group Sessions to support Veterinary professionals (including both DVMs and support teams) , provides resources to share ideas, and help with daily challenges and stressors. This free program includes 6-week guided discussions with a licensed Mental Health professional, groups are matched by affinity and practice ( i.e., small animal, equine, etc.)

  • The sessions are 60-75 minutes/ week for the 6-week period
  • Sign up using the registration link here>

Journey for Teams

The Journey for Teams program is designed to engage veterinary professionals to increase their knowledge of DEI principles and foster individual and team behaviors that help advance a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. Suveto is a fervent supporter of improving DEI in veterinary hospitals, which is why we have partnered with AVMA to support this valuable initiative.

Using her training in mental health, well-being coaching, and lifestyle medicine, Melyssa Allen dedicated her business to include comprehensive well-being solutions to support veterinary professionals, teams, and organizations.

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Physical Wellbeing is just as important as Mental Wellbeing and now we have some offerings to help you stay physically active. 

305 Fitness

Philadelphia / NY / Boston / Washington Sports Club

Active & Fit Direct

Join Active and Fit Direct and get access to over 16,000 fitness centers and studios plus over 5,000 on-demand workouts. Employees can join local fitness clubs for $28 a month with no commitment. As an employee you also can also purchase a membership for your spouse or domestic partner. Featured partners include LA Fitness, Snap Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Golds Gym, Club Pilates, CycleBar, Pure Barre, and UFC Gym.

Perks at Work

Get discounts on travel, tickets, electronics, home and auto, food, apparel, health and wellbeing resources and resources.

Practicing Gratitude in Veterinary Medicine

Practicing gratitude involves actively shifting your focus from your burdens to your blessings. While it may seem like a simple exercise, research has shown that gratitude has profound effects on our mental and emotional states!

I know sometimes that feels like it is easier said than done…but in this blog post, we will explore how the simple practice of gratitude can enhance your mental and emotional well-being! 

Melyssa Allen

Veterinary Well-Being Coach & founder of Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle


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