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Veterinary Controlled Substances Compliance | Suveto

May 9 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The Landscape of Controlled Substances Has Changed

For years, veterinarians were able to operate “under the radar,” removed from concerns related to drug diversion and scrutiny from regulatory agencies. Now, the veterinary industry has become an unassuming target not only for diversion but also “low-hanging fruit” for regulatory agencies to pick apart. This live, interactive event is designed to increase awareness about the issues impacting veterinary medicine today with respect to controlled substances and other non-DEA scheduled drugs of concern, including the proposed regulations around xylazine. The objective is to provide clarity, guidance and support so that veterinary professionals understand the actions that can be taken to ensure they are part of the solution and not the problem. RACE approval is currently pending.


Learning Objectives:

Xylazine: Despite being used by our colleagues for decades, xylazine has recently flooded the illicit human drug market and now become the primary adulterant used as a “cutting agent” with fentanyl, heroin, and other controlled substances, with devastating effects. Learn how xylazine has entered the black market, the serious risks it poses on human health and the impact it is having on federal and state regulations.

Y (The Why?): Protecting controlled substance inventory is at the core of DEA compliance, but it shouldn’t stop there. Ensuring that other substances which may not be DEA-scheduled but are at risk for diversion such as xylazine, gabapentin, propofol, and trazodone must also be safeguarded. Learn why these drugs of concern are as much (if not more) of a reason to keep you up at night.

Z (the “ZZZ’s”): The myriad of regulations that must be adhered to when working with controlled substances are somewhat archaic and reading through them is enough to give anyone a serious case of the “zzz’s”, but you cannot afford to fall asleep on the job! Having a DEA registration is a privilege, not a right, and failing to comply with requirements can cost you. Learn the basics of what must be done to protect your practice, your license and your profitability as well as preventative measures to avoid “issues” with regulatory authorities.


Expert Speakers:

Kelley Detweiler, DEA Compliance Expert

Kelley Detweiler is a DEA & regulatory compliance expert who provides controlled substance and DEA-listed chemical solutions to the veterinary, healthcare, supply chain and pharmaceutical industries operating in the public and private sectors. She is a partner in Simple Solutions For Vets with Dr. Peter Weinstein and the coauthor of “Safeguarding Controlled Substances” published by AAHA. Kelley has spoken on international platforms including the United Nations and continues to speak and write for various industry associations, organizations and publications.

Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA, Simple Solutions Founder

Dr. Peter Weinstein is the founder of Simple Solutions for Vets and has been involved with virtually all aspects of veterinary practice from a 15-year-old kennel kid to a hospital owner. Organized veterinary medicine has been a passion as well with various roles and leadership and presidencies of Southern California VMA, California VMA, and Vet Partners. He is a published author and currently teaches business and finance at the Veterinary College of Western University of Health Sciences


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