Harlingen Veterinary Clinic

At Harlingen Veterinary Clinic, we make every effort to provide a comfortable atmosphere for our clients and patients. We focus on enhancing the well being of pets and supporting the human–animal bond.

Dr. Christine Newman and her team are committed to providing the highest quality veterinary care with personal friendly service. Our dedicated employees enjoy meeting our guests, and they strive to address our clients by name and greet them with a smile at every visit. Questions and concerns are met with respect and attention, and we offer our clients the most comprehensive collection of pet care information and resources available.

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Why Harlingen Veterinary Clinic?

Harlingen Veterinary Clinic opened its doors in 1989.

​Our clinic is in a growing suburban residential community.

Dr. Newman has a reputation for being involved in the community and all of our DVMs offer excellent, knowledgeable care.

We work as a team to harness everyone’s strengths and help them excel.

Harlingen Veterinary Clinic is a collaborative team that works efficiently, not letting a large case load negatively affect our patient care.

Clients would describe us as warm, welcoming, homey, and friendly.

Pet family members want to return to our clinic because of our dedication to the health and well-being of their pets’ feeling. 

Our hospital is designed to make owners and their pets feel like they are coming home.

Harlingen Veterinary Clinic is a GP+ type of practice. GP medicine is what we practice, but our DVMs do in-house diagnostics and are knowledgeable in surgery and internal medicine. We have on site abdominal ultrasound and echocardiogram, and we see exotics as well.

Every single team member wants to offer the gold standard of medicine for all our patients.

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we offer iNDUSTRY-LEADING Benefits

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Physical well-being

Mental well-being

Growth & leadership

Our teams have ownership benefits.

We know ownership opportunities need to be diverse, collaborative, and dynamic to fit your needs. We want personal and professional success for you, which is why we offer risk-free VSOP® beyond your compensation.

Our environment is Rewarding, Adaptable, and Philanthropic.

  • We practice rewarding, fast-paced medicine, and offer you uncapped earning potential with competitive benefits
  • We strive to maintain a culture that is adaptable and supportive
  • We encourage our hospitals to be actively involved in their communities, local shelters, and rescue organizations.

Our care is helpful, ethical, and empathetic.

  • We go the extra mile to help our clients and each other
  • We believe in honest, ethical medicine
  • We follow the Platinum Rule – Treat others as THEY want to be treated
  • We listen, we acknowledge, we empathize and then we help

Our team is Educated, Empowered, and Innovative

  • We will invest in you through continued education, scholarships and support special-interest medicine
  • We offer mentorship programs and ownership training
  • We do not believe in formulaic medicine and will empower you to do what’s best for the pet
  • We heavily invest in the future of medical care which will provide you with leading-edge technology


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