Let’s Vet Together, Let’s Move Together

At Suveto, we believe in holistic well-being – taking care of your physical, mental, and social well-being. Whether it’s working towards your fitness goals or picking up a new hobby with some friends, we invite you to join us for the “Let’s Move Together” Challenge! 

Not One More Vet (NOMV) is an organization working to provide the necessary support to all members of the veterinary community who are struggling with their mental health or considering suicide.  

So, how can you help? To further our commitment to the mental well-being of veterinary professionals, for every activity you log in atlasGO, Suveto will make a donation to NOMV until we reach our goal of $10,000.

Enter promo code vettogether23 to join today!

Reach out to AtlasGo.org/support if you have any issues with joining the challenge!


Best Matching Pet Outfit Award – Complete an activity in style. Match outfits with your pet and get moving! Don’t forget to share your photo on the app for a chance to win some free swag. 

Largest Individual Unlock  – Do you think you can earn the most activity points? Put yourself to the test for a chance to win some free swag.

Best Selfie – If you’re on the move and live in a cool area, travel, or just take REALLY good selfies, you have a chance to win the Best Selfie award!

Suveto Exclusive – The highest participation of a hospital in the Suveto Network or Guide Dog team will earn a free lunch party!


Socks, headband, suveto lunch bag, stickers, and water bottle

Suveto Exclusive – whole team gets a lunch party

Our Activities


Walk or hike: $0.20 per mile

Run: $0.50 per mile

Bike: $0.20 per mile

Swim: $0.50 per mile

Fitness/Gym: $0.20 per hour

Horseback Riding: $0.20 per mile


Yoga: $0.50 per hour

Gardening/Planting: $0.20 per hour

Mindfulness: $0.20 per hour

Personal Development: $0.50 per hour

Journaling: $0.20 per hour

Arts Practicing: $0.20 per hour


Donate Food/Clothes: $0.50 per entry

Trash Cleanup: $0.20 per hour

Mentorship: $0.50 per hour

Volunteering for Charity: $0.20 per hour

donate to NOMV

At Suveto, we value and support the well-being of all professionals in the veterinary industry. That’s why we’ve partnered with Not One More Vet (NOMV) for this year’s “Let’s Move Together” Challenge!
Donate today to help us meet our goal and support those in the veterinary community!

Practicing Gratitude in Veterinary Medicine

Practicing gratitude involves actively shifting your focus from your burdens to your blessings. While it may seem like a simple exercise, research has shown that gratitude has profound effects on our mental and emotional states!

I know sometimes that feels like it is easier said than done…but in this blog post, we will explore how the simple practice of gratitude can enhance your mental and emotional well-being! 

Melyssa Allen

Veterinary Well-Being Coach & founder of Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle


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