Suveto Learning and Development Team launches new mentorship program for Early-Career Veterinarians

As part of their commitment to finding new ways to foster growth in the veterinary profession, Suveto’s Learning & Development team has developed Early-Career Veterinarian Advancement, an all-new program designed to provide quality, clinically relevant, training and coaching to Suveto doctors looking to develop their medical and communication skills. Led by Dr. Christina ‘Tina’ Dougherty, Suveto’s Director of Veterinary Development, Early-Career Veterinarian Advancement looks to equip early-career veterinarians with the confidence and skills they need to follow the veterinary career path they have always dreamed of. Starting in September 2023, the program will feature in-depth interactive medical discussions about topics including (but not limited to):

  • Dermatology
  • Dentistry
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Urinary tract
  • Behavior
  • Wellness
  • Reproduction
  • Emergency Toxicities

Early-Career Veterinarian Advancement will also feature a select number of mentors from across the Suveto network. Having been interviewed by Suveto’s Learning & Development Team, each of these mentors will be experienced, passionate veterinarians dedicated to providing mentorship and coaching to the early-career associates in conjunction with the program.

Early-career veterinarians (graduated between 2018-2023) within the Suveto network are encouraged to nominate themselves and/or colleagues into the program. Medical directors or other seasoned veterinarians are also encouraged to nominate eligible early-career veterinarians at their hospitals to take part in this valuable opportunity.

Nominations for eligible Suveto doctors are open now until the end of August, so click here to nominate yourself or an early-career veterinarian in your Suveto practice today!

Not a Suveto doctor? Explore opportunities and ownership paths available to you on our Careers page and gain access to Suveto exclusive programs like Early-Career Veterinarian Advancement when you join one of our hospital teams. Let’s Vet Together towards the veterinary career you’ve always dreamed of!


As the Director of Veterinary Development for Suveto, and a key member of the Learning & Development Team, Dr. Dougherty is dedicated to providing veterinarians in the Suveto network with the tools and opportunities they need to be the best versions of themselves within the walls of their practices. Drawing on her extensive experience as an associate professor in academia at Lincoln Memorial University’s College of veterinary medicine and the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Dougherty is the architect of the VetForward and will be leading the charge for our early- career veterinarians as they develop their medical and communications skills through the program.  

Dr. Dougherty has had a diverse career in veterinary medicine, having practiced in mixed animal, small animal, and exotic animal hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She completed a small animal surgery and internal medicine fellowship in Hungary and spent many years in the pharmaceutical industry with Pfizer Animal Health/Zoetis. 

Dr. Dougherty’s passion for teaching and coaching led her back to PennVet and later to the Richard A. Gillespie College of Veterinary Medicine at Lincoln Memorial University as faculty. She recently retired from LMU as an Associate Professor of Professional Skills.

Throughout her time in the veterinary profession, Dr. Dougherty also developed a keen interest in Veterinary Communications. This interest, along with her passion for coaching, led her to become trained as a Veterinary Communications coach at Colorado State University. She is DiSC certified in behavioral analysis, has a bronze-level badge in REDI, and is a certified adult trainer through Langevin Learning Services. 

Through programs like Early-Career Veterinarian Advancement, Dr. Dougherty hopes to bring support to the coaching and mentoring of veterinarians throughout Suveto’s hospital network. 


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