Veterinarian Jobs and Salaries in New York

Veterinary Salaries in New York

With hundreds of open veterinarian jobs in New York, how do you decide which veterinary jobs to apply for, and how you can find your dream job? Looking for a job as a veterinary professional with industry-leading benefits, work-life balance, or flexible hours? Suveto can help you find the veterinary job of your dreams so you can live the life of your dreams. 

Suveto is different: not only do we believe in better care for animals, but we also believe in better care for veterinarians. 

We believe in:

Ownership — every full-time veterinary professional in our network is a shareholder…at no extra cost to them

Well-Being —we invest in the well-being of pets, clients, teams, vets, and communities 

Growth — we cultivate growth through the development of our people

Veterinarian Salaries in New York, 2024:

There are several factors that influence veterinarian salaries in New York, including location, experience, and specialization. According to GlassDoor, the average vet salary in New York is $183,594, with salaries exceeding $220,000 in specialized fields. For example, veterinarians who specialize in surgery, dentistry, radiology, cardiology, oncology, and ophthalmology earn higher average salaries. 

Available Veterinarian Jobs in New York:

Veterinary Assistant
Cortlandt Manor, New York | #TVC204
This is a dynamic position that requires flexibility, compassion, and a strong work ethic. The ideal candidate will have a genuine love for animals, excellent communication skills, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Apply here.

Client Services Representative
Cortlandt Manor, New York | #TVC203
The client services representative will closely interact with clients and (small animal) patients, process invoices and payments, handle the cash drawer, and provide miscellaneous support to the veterinarians, veterinary practice manager, and other staff members.  Apply here.

Cost of Living in New York

Wondering about the cost of living in New York and surrounding areas? According to U.S. News & World Report, New York is ranked as one of the best places to live, due to its thriving job market and desirability. While salaries in New York are higher than the rest of the country, the cost of living is also higher. But then again, you get what you pay for, as U.S. News & World Report hails “New York is a haven for professionals and creatives seeking virtually unlimited opportunities, surrounded by some of the best dining, shopping, nightlife, and real estate in the world.” Forbes offers an online cost of living calculator for New York that can help get you started.

10 Common Interview Questions For Veterinarians in New York

Are you preparing for a job interview as a veterinarian in New York? Here are ten common questions you might encounter:

  1. Tell us about your experience in veterinary medicine and why you chose this profession.
  2. What specializations or areas of veterinary medicine are you most passionate about?
  3. How do you handle challenging or high-stress situations in a veterinary setting?
  4. Can you describe a complex case you’ve successfully managed, including the diagnosis and treatment process?
  5. How do you stay updated with the latest advancements and trends in veterinary medicine?
  6. What role do communication and client education play in your practice?
  7. Have you ever faced ethical dilemmas in your work, and how did you address them?
  8. How do you work in a team with other veterinary professionals and support staff?
  9. Can you share your experience with emergency and after-hours care, if applicable?
  10. What are your long-term career goals in the field of veterinary medicine?


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