Veterinary Stock Ownership Plan® 

Own Your Future Through Our VSOP®.

At Suveto, we believe that veterinary professionals leading our profession isn’t such a crazy idea. The Suveto Hospital Network is a community of like-minded hospitals committed to keeping veterinary professionals in positions where they can have ownership over their careers and the way they practice. Because of that, every full-time member of the Suveto Hospital Network is an owner of the network through our Veterinary Stock Ownership Plan, or VSOP®.

So, what is VSOP®?

VSOP® is an ownership program that tracks the value of the entire Suveto organization. Suveto is the parent organization to three different operating entities:
–       Suveto Hospital Network
–       Calico Financial by Suveto
–       Harbor by Suveto
As an owner in the Suveto network, you earn the benefits of ownership at no cost to buy in while also having the opportunity to share in the success of the network as a whole. To put it simply, you get to take ownership of your career and own the growth that you create.

Supporting Veterinary Ownership. It’s in our name, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to own the work that they do and the growth they provide as a veterinary professional.

How Does VSOP® Work?

Ownership for All

Yes, everyone. Through VSOP®, Suveto is providing ownership benefits to every single full-time employee.

Investor Diversification

A shareholder’s VSOP® value is tied to the entire Suveto network as opposed to a single hospital.

No Cost, No Risk

VSOP® does not require any cash investment. VSOP® is designed to provide an economic opportunity without imposing any financial risk.

Everything you do makes everything we do so much better.

We’re committed to keeping ownership in the hands of the veterinary professionals who dedicate their lives to making our profession great. Let’s Vet Together.

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